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Healthcare: Innovating for better health

The industry encompasses a broad range of services and products to improve health outcomes. This includes medical devices, pharmaceuticals, health IT, and digital health solutions.

Startups in healthcare have the potential to revolutionize patient care and improve lives. Investors find this sector attractive due to its resilience and the ever-growing demand for better health solutions. Here are the key trends that we explore:

  • Telehealth services

    Providing remote consultations and care, making healthcare accessible to more people.

  • AI and data analytics

    Enhancing diagnostics, treatment plans, and patient monitoring with advanced algorithms.

  • Personalized medicine

    Tailoring treatments based on individual genetic and health data for more effective care.

  • Healthcare founders play a crucial role in driving innovations that save lives and improve health. Their efforts lead to groundbreaking treatments and healthcare models that redefine what's possible in medical care.

We are venture builders

  • Venture building is a complex process of developing and turning business concepts into fast-growing startup projects.

  • We invent, plan, build, and scale technology-advanced businesses with global development potential. This can only be achieved through a partnership of proactive founders willing to take on project management responsibilities, with our support in: product and software development, management, ideas validation, finance, human resources, marketing, and administration.

We will cover your needs

  • Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder
    is an #InvestmentFund

    Supports projects at an early stage of development, offering much more than financing.

  • Red Sky
    is a #StartupStudio

    Implements the most technologically advanced projects, creates IT solutions used by millions of users worldwide, and much more than that.

Become a founder

We will support you

  • up to100k €

    Funds to finance all the new startup's operations in the first months

  • up to1 million €

    Financial follow-ons when the proper milestones are reached

  • network ofinvestors

    An extensive network of domain advisors, partners, and investors

  • internalideation

    Help to identify, test, and validate market products

  • #StartupStudiosupport

    HR, administrative, legal, tech and consulting services

  • founderequity

    Split equity among the founders and investors

  • THCPexpertise

    Experience and knowledge to help you and your startup become successful

  • advancedtech

    Extraordinary process of shaping an innovative tech product

We will guide you through the Founders Path

Are you interested in launching your startup with us?

Here are the eight necessary steps we need to take before. The ninth and final step is creating a business.

Here is what you can expect

1 Submit your profile

Embark on your journey as a founder and dive into the world of venture building with us!

2 Showcase your expertise & skills

Let your story shine through! Share your experiences and business cases using our Skill Story Survey, and showcase your competencies by taking our cognitive competence test.

3 Review of application

Our recruitment business partners will carefully review your skills and experience, analyzing them in terms of business and other requirements for the position.

4 Let's talk about your competencies

Prepare to hop on a video call with our Recruitment Team. Don't get anxious - we aim to make it straightforward and delightful.

5 Prepare the business case

We'll reach out to you and ask you to prepare a business task, giving you a chance to showcase your entrepreneurial prowess.

6 Meet Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder

Get ready for a sit-down with our Investment Team. We'll map out your business competencies to explore potential valuable partnerships.

7 Your opportunity awaits

Our mission is to find the perfect project for you to unleash your full potential. Sometimes, this process takes up to 3 months, but it's worth the wait.

8 Join the workshops

We'll kindly invite you to participate in paid workshops. The agenda for these meetings is consistent but may vary depending on the project. This step is a perfect opportunity to assess whether mutual cooperation aligns with our intentions.

We are into workshopping

The opportunity to work together is the most crucial step of the whole Founders Path. We will design and validate the project's ideas

  • Who participates?

    Candidates participate in our workshop in teams of at least two leaders - a CEO and COO and a person from the investment fund.

  • What's the business goal?

    The team will work to develop the strategy and vision for this future startup. Teams create early marketing plans, GTM strategies, and draft financials.

  • Would I have to pitch?

    Yes, all created files and decks are presented in front of the Investment Committee at the workshop's close.

  • How long does it take?

    The length of the workshop may vary, but it requires approx. 40 hours of your time commitment. It is fully paid.

What makes you a founder?

You need to have Founder DNA rather than startup experience to work with us. Here is what we are looking for

  • Proven track record in developing, planning, and managing business strategies.

  • Skills to plan effectively, implement and maintain changes in the organization.

  • Ability to make decisions, plan and manage maintain resources necessary for project implementation, and effectively organize work.

  • Expertise to identify, assess, and prevent risks that may affect the achievement of the organization's goals.

  • Ability to understand and analyze the market in a particular industry, which allows for better business decision-making.

  • Attitude to effective and consistent achievement of goals.

  • English (speaking and writing) - at least C1.

  • Highly developed leadership and communication skills and the ability to create and maintain positive and productive relationships with other people.

  • Polish (speaking and writing) - at least C1.


Let others argue about standards while we push forward
venturesthat bring change

  • Exit

    Challenge others, play in seconds.

    Acquired by Unikrn

  • Exit

    Streaming technology and cloud gaming platform provider.

    Acquired by Intel

  • Exit

    Share computing power and earn.

  • Exit

    Digital resume creator and advisor.

    Acquired by BOLD

  • Exit

    Mobile advertising network.

    Acquried by Netsprint

  • Exit

    Live e-sport betting on blockchain.

    Acquired by Entain

  • Exit

    Netflix for premium WordPress Themes.

    Acquired by Imagely

  • Exit

    House of the latest and smartest tech deals in the web world.

    Acquried by Hummingbird Web Solutions

  • Exit

    Content marketing cloud for digital media companies.

    Acquired by Piano

The Venture Building model opens the door to a fascinating world of innovation, where resources and expert knowledge are used optimally, accelerating the commercialization of creative ideas.

In cooperation with THCP, I appreciate the support of experienced "serial entrepreneurs”. Thanks to them, I lead Contentation to higher performance and continuous growth with unwavering determination and enthusiasm.

Red Sky completely takes over the HR and administration issues on its shoulders, being an irreplaceable ally in this field.

Mariusz Michalski,
Chief Executive Officer

Working with Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder means unlocking great opportunities for cooperation and synergy with other companies. This ease of establishing collaboration is the most significant advantage of the partnership with the fund.

One of the specialties of Red Sky and Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder is the support of, e.g., recruitment. I appreciate their professionalism and goal-oriented attitude. Many meetings at the beginning of recruitment help to quickly define who we are looking for and find the best way to find a given person.

Mateusz Śmieżewski,
Chief Executive Officer

Cooperation with Red Sky stands out already at the recruitment stage. HR Recruitment Partner gave me the feeling that I am not an applicant. I felt like a partner. I was given a safe space to share my feedback and discuss the business in which I could get involved.

I admire the model in which the potential founder can have an open, honest, and substantive discussion even before being hired.

Rafał Szabłowski,
Chief Marketing Officer

Nice to meet you!

Say “hi” to Ola. She'll be your guide during the recruitment process for this position


  • What if I still need to have all the requested competencies?

    If you possess only some of the required competencies for a particular role, THCP and RS offer support to help you succeed. An action plan is put in place, which outlines the specific areas of improvement needed and how they will be addressed. This could involve coaching, mentoring, or other resources to help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge. THCP is committed to ensuring that all team members have the support they need to excel in their roles and contribute to the organization's success. Congratulations! We wish you a successful cooperation 💪

  • What is the journey of a startup?

    Although each startup studio has its unique path, there is a general framework that can be applied. Once a founding team is assembled, typically comprising a business and a tech profile, the project can begin. The group spends 12-18 months working together to transform the idea into an early-stage company, focusing on building the product and team and acquiring the first customers. The ultimate goal is to make the company fully independent.

    Once the startup gains sufficient traction, the studio pitches early-stage investors such as business angels and seed funds to raise a seed round. This fundraising allows the company to become fully independent. The THCP continues to support the founders and team with strategy, funding, and occasional operational issues such as recruiting and team structuring. The studio maintains a strong relationship with the company as they know the business well.

  • What does the THCP support look like?

    THCP provides comprehensive support to its portfolio companies in various areas. The support includes analytical support, finance control, business expertise, and strategic advice. Analytical support involves analyzing data and providing insights into different business areas, such as customer behavior, market trends, and financial performance. Finance controlling includes managing the company's financial operations, such as budgeting, forecasting, and accounting. Business expertise involves providing guidance and support in sales, marketing, and procedures. Finally, strategic advice consists of offering advice on the company's long-term direction, such as identifying new growth opportunities, entering new markets, or expanding the product line.

  • What is the Red Sky's role?

    Red Sky's team works hand in hand with the founding team on product, design, strategy, go-to-market, recruiting, HR, administration, legal, and other aspects. Our primary objective is to build a team and assist them in becoming increasingly autonomous in these dimensions while building independent companies. Moreover, Red Sky delivers crucial insights and provides MVP support for all companies.

    Red Sky might provide shared resources in consulting mode to independent companies and is committed to providing as much assistance as possible along the way!

  • What happens to a startup when it raises a seed round?

    As the business expands, the team size increases, and the cash burn rate increases, the company typically needs to secure additional funding rounds, often with VCs (Series A, B, C...). Startups generally only become profitable once a significant amount of time has passed, as they focus on investing heavily in growing the business (such as hiring engineers, sales, and marketing personnel).

  • Where do the ideas come from?

    In venture building, ideas for new businesses and startups are generated through a collaborative effort involving various teams. The MVP team takes a leading role in the process, working tirelessly to identify potential pain points in the market and develop solutions that can address them. They work with other teams, such as product, design, strategy, and go-to-market, to create a robust and well-rounded business plan that can stand the test of time.